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June 2009

Dear Friend of Flow:                                                             

We are very pleased to present to you an overview of our most recent research in process control instrumentation, The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 4th Edition.

This comprehensive analysis of the magnetic flowmeter market is built upon a data foundation that Flow Research has built over many years of conducting research worldwide.  We believe this study is the most comprehensive analysis of the magnetic flowmeter market ever available. 

We had completed three previous editions on this subject in 2001, 2003, and 2005 before this study was begun.  We decided to expand the research to include new product segmentations.  We launched a Founding Sponsor program to support this new research, and this program resulted in new segmentation not included in earlier editions.

More than fifty magnetic flowmeter manufacturers were asked to reply to the study questionnaire, and the response rate was high.  As a result, we have a high confidence level in the results of our findings.  Described below are the eight major study areas that are covered in detail in this new research:

The 2008 worldwide magnetic flowmeter market is valued at $1.06 billion.  This is a large market, and getting larger.  This study forecasts the size of this growth on annual basis through 2013.  Below are some of the ways you will be better prepared to succeed in this market:

The Eight Major Study Areas

Geography: Worldwide and by seven regions (North America, Europe, China, Japan, Rest of Asia, Middle East/Africa, Latin America

Market Size: Worldwide and by the seven regions

Market Shares: Worldwide and by region for leading producers, and by technology type

Average Selling Price: Worldwide and regional price data

Technology: There are ten individual technology segmentations

Competitive Strategies:  Winning strategies are discussed and detailed

Industries and Applications: Where and how magnetic flowmeters are used today and where they will be used tomorrow

Distribution Methods / Customer Types: Statistical analysis of magnetic flowmeter distribution, and the end-users buying them  

  ● Prices for magnetic flowmeters have been coming down in recent years.  This study gives you the average selling prices for these devices worldwide and by all seven regions.

  ● Magnetic flowmeters are available as wafer, flanged, and insertion models.  This study tells you the units shipped and revenues for each type, and where the growth is and why.

  ● Communication protocols have become more sophisticated.  This study describes the trends that will make fieldbus technology more desirable to users than ever before.

  ● Two-wire technology recently joined four-wire technology in the market - and now wireless and battery technologies are entering the field.  This study reviews the latest developments.

  ● Coil power types have traditionally included AC and DC.  High strength DC has gained share of market, while dual-frequency DC is also a player.  This study paints the whole picture. 

  ● Important industries such as water & wastewater and food & beverage are looked at in great detail, and other applications such as sanitary/hygienic are statistically analyzed.

  ● This study identifies the industries and applications where magnetic flowmeters are used, and identifies the high growth and low growth market sectors.

This study also covers critical product areas such as accuracy levels, line sizes, liner types, customer types, and distribution channels.  In addition, complete company profiles are included for 49 (forty-nine) magnetic flowmeter manufacturers worldwide, and an entire chapter is devoted to product profiles of the 30 most important producers.  We believe the industry coverage here is the most thorough ever available.

We invite you to review the enclosed study overview.  If you would like to learn more, please visit our website www.flowmags.com, or contact us at your convenience.  Wed be happy to discuss The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 4th Edition with you.  And if you order by June 26, 2009, you can still take advantage of our pre-publication offer.  See the order form on this website for details.

Best regards,


Norman Weeks

Sr. Market Analyst



cc: Jesse Yoder, President


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