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The Global Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 

Third Edition












VOLUME I: Magnetic Flowmeter Market Analysis

Volume II: User Requirements, Preferences, and Trends for New and traditional Flowmeter Technologies





The Global Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 

Third Edition

Study Summary

Magnetic flowmeters are the leading type of flowmeter in terms of revenues.  In our 2003 study, Flow Research found that magnetic flowmeter sales had increased only by one percent over sales reported in our 2001 study.  This was due to the after-effects of 9/11/2001, and to the unfavorable economic conditions of that time.  One purpose of this study has been to determine what has happened to magnetic flowmeter revenues in the past two years.

In conducting this study, we contacted all known manufacturers of magnetic flowmeters worldwide.  Flow Research has identified more than 50 magnetic flowmeter manufacturers around the world.  By obtaining detailed information about each company, we have assembled a picture of the total magnetic flowmeter market.  We have asked suppliers to provide detailed information about geographic segmentation, industries sold into, types of magnetic flowmeters sold, and many other product segments.  As a result, the study identifies where growth is occurring in the market, as well as the underlying factors for that growth.  Our end-user survey provides additional perspectives on this market.

This study includes market size in dollars and units for magnetic flowmeters worldwide and by geographic region.  It reveals market shares by geographic region.  It says what industries magnetic flowmeters are sold into.  The study also includes other important segmentation, including:

  • Smart vs. conventional
  • Wafer vs. flanged vs. insertion
  • 2-wire vs. 4-wire
  • Integral vs. remote
  • AC vs. DC
  • Type of Communication Protocol (Foundation Fieldbus, Probibus, HART, etc.)
  • Sales Channel (Direct vs. Independent Reps vs. Distributors vs. E-Business)
  • Customer Type (End-users vs. OEMs vs. Systems Integrators vs. Engineers/Consultants

In addition to the above segmentation, which was included in the earlier 2001 and 2003 studies, this study introduces new segmentation not used before in these studies. This study introduces the following new segmentation:

  • High strength DC vs. Standard DC
  • Application (Custody transfer, filling machines, slurries, etc.)
  • Line size (eight sizes from < ˝ inch to > 20 inches)
  • Liner type (PFA, PTFE, Ceramic, Hard Rubber, Tefzel, Soft Rubber, Polyurethane, Other)
  • Accuracy


The data developed in this study includes total revenues and unit sales by geographic region, and average selling prices.  Other data includes the following:

  • Market shares for the leading suppliers of magnetic flowmeters by geographic region     
  • Market size and growth forecasts for magnetic flowmeters by type (extending through 2009)
  • Market size and growth forecasts for magnetic flowmeters by the segmentation listed above (smart/conventional, AC/DC, wafer/flanged/insertion, etc.)
  • Market size and growth forecasts for magnetic flowmeters by industry
  • Detailed product descriptions by supplier
  • Magnetic flowmeter sales by distribution channel
  • Magnetic flowmeter sales by customer type
  • Strategies for success
  • Profiles of all supplier companies




Study Segments


Geographic Regions


  • United States

  • Canada

  • Latin America (Central & South America)


Magnetic Flowmeters by Type


  • Smart

  • Conventional

Multivariable vs. Single Variable

  • Multivariable

  • Single Variable

Liquid Applications


  • Water

  • Other Liquids

Coil Power Types


  • AC

  • High Strength DC

  • Standard DC

Mounting Types


  • Wafer

  • Flanged

  • Insertion



·        Integral

·        Remote


Wiring Types


·        2-wire

·        4-wire




·        PFA

·        PTFE

·        ETFE

·        Ceramic

·        Polyurethane

·        Hard Rubber

·        Soft Rubber

·        Other


Line Sizes


·        ˝ inch or less

·        > ˝ inch to 1 inch

·        > 1 to 2 inches

·        > 2 to 4 inches

·        > 4 to 8 inches

·        > 8 to 12 inches

·        > 12 to 20 inches

·        > 20 inches


Communication Protocols

·        Foundation Fieldbus

·        HART

·        Profibus DP

·        Profibus PA

·        Modbus

·        Serial

·        Other




·        Oil & Gas

·        Refining

·        Chemical

·        Food & Beverage

·        Pharmaceutical

·        Pulp & Paper

·        Metals & Mining

·        Electric Power

·        Water & Wastewater

·        Other


Magnetic Flowmeter Sales by Distribution Channel


·        Direct Sales

·        Independent Representatives

·        Distributors

·        E-Business


Magnetic Flowmeter Sales by Customer Type


·        End-Users

·        OEMs

·        Systems Integrators

·        Engineering and Consulting Firms


Strategies for Success


·        Discussion of market forces at work

·        Strategic action perspectives

·        Real world success stories


Company Profiles


·        Profiles of all identified manufacturers  including contact information, product line(s), and other essential information



Here are some of the 47 companies profiled in this study:



Advanced Flow Technology

Badger Meter

Bopp & Reuther

Burkert GmbH


Elis Plzen

Emerson Rosemount


Enko S.A.


Heinrichs Messtechnik



Krohne Messtechnik



Oval Corporation


Siemens AG

Sparling Instruments


Toshiba Corp.

Yamatake Corporation

Yokogawa Electric Company


Key Issues in this Study


  • What are the causes of growth in the magnetic flowmeter market?
  • What is the growth outlook for magnetic flowmeters for the next several years?
  • Is demand for 2-wire meters growing? Does the industry offer products to meet this demand?  If not, what is missing?

·        How strong is DC meter displacement of AC types?  Is this trend gaining momentum?  Stagnant?  In decline?  Why?

·        How severe is the price pressure for standard classes of magnetic flowmeters? What is the related impact on gross margins?  What are the sources of the pricing pressure?  What are the typical responses of established suppliers?

  • Will multivariable magnetic flowmeters show any growth in the next several years?
  • What growth is occurring for insertion magnetic flowmeters and why?
  • Are accuracy levels for magnetic flowmeters increasing or remaining stable?
  • What types of liners are most widely used in magnetic flowmeters? What are the trends in liner use?

·        How do the relative adoption rates of the dominant communications protocols compare?

·        To what extent are low cost suppliers from China, India, and elsewhere penetrating the magnetic flowmeter market and influencing prices?

·        How quickly is e-business growing as a distribution channel?

  • What features are end-users looking for in magnetic flowmeters?
  • Are end-users switching from one type of magnetic flowmeter to another, and why?




                 TABLE OF CONTENTS (abbreviated)



1                         Executive Summary


·        Overview

·        Methodology

·        Growth Factors

·        Magnetic Flowmeter Market Size and Forecast

·        Market Shares for Magnetic Flowmeters

·        A Strategic Perspective


2                         Introduction


·        Study Objectives

·        Methodology

·        Geographic Regions

·        Types of Magnetic Flowmeters

·        End-User Industries

·        Magnetic Flowmeter Industry Structure


3                         Magnetic Flowmeter Product and Technology Analysis


·        New-Technology Flowmeters

·        Coriolis Flowmeters

·        Magnetic Flowmeters

·        Ultrasonic Flowmeters

·        Vortex Flowmeters

·        Thermal Flowmeters

·        Paradigm Case Selection Method

·        Magnetic Flowmeter Product Analysis



The Global Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, Third Edition






4                         Magnetic Flowmeter Market Size and Forecast


·        Growth Factors for the Magnetic Flowmeter Market

·        Market Size and Growth Forecasts

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide by

·        Geographic Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide by Type

·        Average Selling Prices of Magnetic Flowmeters by Region

·        Shipments of Smart Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Conventional Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Multivariable Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Application by Type of Liquid

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Coil Power Type Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters Mounting Type Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Configuration Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Accuracy Levels Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Wiring Type Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Lining Type Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Line Size Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Smart Magnetic Flowmeters by Communication Protocol Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Industry Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Application Worldwide and by Region

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Distribution Channel Worldwide and by Region  

·        Shipments of Magnetic Flowmeters by Customer Type Worldwide and by Region


5                         Magnetic Flowmeter Supplier Market Shares


·        Market Shares for Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide

·        Market Shares for Magnetic Flowmeters by Geographic Region

·        Market Shares for Smart Magnetic Flowmeters by Region

·        Market Shares for Conventional Magnetic Flowmeters by Region



6                         Strategies for Success


·        Overview

·        Guidelines for Applying the Strategies


7                   Magnetic Flowmeter Supplier Profiles


  • Supplier Contact Information

  • Supplier Product Lines


8                   Exhibits

Flowmeter User Requirements, Preferences, and Trends

The purpose of this Survey is to capture the views of the market’s end-users as another means of informing suppliers to the markets.  Purchase decisions and application requirements and changes are best understood – and most easily anticipated – from the perspective of end-users.  The Survey provides detailed insight into the purchasing plans and preferences of those who purchase, specify, and use flowmeters.

The industries sampled in the Survey will be drawn from the process industries.  The pertinent questions regarding applications, product preferences, buying criteria, accuracy and safety considerations, purchase plans, and supplier sources will all be asked and included in the results.  The results of both an Internet survey and telephone survey will be combined into a comprehensive profile of flowmeter users.  Below is a brief outline of the User Requirements Survey for your review:

Survey Segments


·        Industry

·        Company Size / Employee Totals

·        Primary Applications

·        Flowmeters in Use (by quantities and by types)

·        Purchase Factors and Supporting Rationales (with priority ratings)

·        Unmet Needs from Products and Suppliers

·        Anticipated Changes in Applications

·        Industry Growth Estimates (through 2008)

·        Purchase Plans (through 2008)

·        Mounting Types of Magnetic Flowmeters Purchased (Insertion, Flanged, Wafer)

·        Coil Power of Magnetic Flowmeters Purchased (AC, High-Strength DC, Standard DC)

·        Liners Used in Magnetic Flowmeters Purchased

·        Applications of Magnetic Flowmeters Purchased

·        Accuracy Levels of Magnetic Flowmeters Purchased

·        Size of Installed Base of Flowmeters

·        Communication Protocols Used with Flowmeters Purchased

·        Safety and Other Approvals

·        Non-Product Considerations in Flowmeter Selection

·        Openness to Doing Business with New Suppliers

·        Ways to Become Aware of Flowmeters and Vendors (Internet, Product Literature, Salespeople, Ads, Articles, etc.)

·        Trade Periodicals and Trade Shows that are Sources of Information about Flowmeters and Vendors

Research Methodology

Flow Research has a well-demonstrated ability to design and execute rigorous methodologies. We rely heavily on our own primary research, which we reinforce with information from secondary sources where appropriate.

The most important components of the methodology used in our studies are as follows:

·        Supplier Input

·        Supplier analysis

·        OEM and end-user analysis

·        Forecasting

Supplier Input. To obtain updated information for this study, suppliers of magnetic flowmeters were asked to provide their 2004 sales numbers.  Other questions related to their growth rate, industry growth, growth factors, industries sold into, and many other questions.  Flow Research received a very good response from magnetic flowmeter suppliers.

Supplier Analysis.  Market size and market shares were determined through a variety of methods.  The primary method of determining market size was through interviews conducted with magnetic flowmeter suppliers.  Most companies were quite forthcoming about revenue figures.  Revenue numbers provided by companies were also crosschecked with other sources, including business directories, interviews with other knowledgeable persons, and other publicly available data sources, including Dun & Bradstreet reports.  In many cases, Flow Research conducted multiple interviews to develop the most complete understanding of each company.  Every effort was made to obtain the most accurate information possible about each company.

OEM and End-User Analysis.  In addition to the supplier analysis, Flow Research is conducting a comprehensive survey of flowmeter users, including users of magnetic flowmeters.  The purpose of this survey is to determine user preferences and decision-making patterns, and to find out what user purchasing expectations are for the next several years.  This survey is being done both over the Internet and by telephone.  The results are being published as a separate volume called Flowmeter User Requirements, Preferences, and Trends.

Forecasts.  A number of factors were taken into account in generating forecasts.  Suppliers of magnetic flowmeters were asked about their growth prospects.  Suppliers were also asked to project future sales for their products and for the industry as a whole.  Industry growth for the industries covered in this study was considered.  Other factors include economic growth in various geographic regions, the recovering Asian economies, and prior flowmeter growth patterns.

Background of Flow Research, Inc.

Jesse Yoder, PhD is President of Flow Research Inc., a company he founded in 1998.  Dr. Yoder has 18 years experience as a writer and analyst in process control and instrumentation.  Since 1990, he has written 65 market research studies, many of them in the area of flowmeters, valves, and related instrumentation.  He has also written more than 60 published articles on flowmeters and related topics in industry journals.  Dr. Yoder serves as Contributing Editor to Flow Control magazine.

Norman Weeks, Market Analyst, spent 24 years in sales, marketing, and technical sales support of Verizon Communications. During this time he introduced new technologies to both clients for their own use, and other employees within several training modes.  His last assignment at Verizon was as Northeast Region Solutions Manager.  Since joining Flow Research, he has worked on a variety of projects; including user surveys, the European energy market, and the API 6A valve market.

Belinda Burum, Vice President and Editor, has worked in high tech for 16 years as a technical writer and marketing communications manager. Before that she honed her interviewing skills as a newspaper and wire service reporter.  In 1990 and 1991, Belinda wrote newsletters and company profiles for Idea Network. Belinda is editor of Worldflow Energy Monitor and Worldflow User Perspective.  She has also worked on a variety of projects at Flow Research, including customer perception user surveys.

Flow Research Studies

A selection of recent and scheduled Flow Research studies is as follows:

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The Market for Temperature Transmitters in the Americas, Second Edition (November 2005)

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Volume III: The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters (2003)

Volume IV: The Global Market for DP-Vortex Flowmeters (July 2005)

Volume V: The World Market for New Technology Flowmeters (2003)

Volume VI: Flowmeter User Requirements, Preferences, and Trends (August 2005)

 Volume VII: The World Market for Positive Displacement Flowmeters (2002)

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Volume IX: The World Market for Pressure Transmitters (February 2004)

Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters (includes all flow technologies) (2003)

Volume XI: The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement (September 2004)

Dr. Yoder has also written more than 60 articles on flow and instrumentation for trade journals.  Links to many of these can be found at http://www.flowresearch.com/articles.htm.

In addition to the offerings described above, Flow Research supports a number of complementary services focused on the global market for flowmeters and related instrumentation, including:

·         WorldFlow Monitoring Service. Quarterly surveys of major suppliers, channel partners and users.

·         WorldFlow Barometer. Quarterly updates on the flow industry.

·         WorldFlow Energy Monitor. Quarterly updates on the oil & gas, power, and chemical industries. 

·         WorldFlow User Perspective. Periodic updates on customer and end-user needs and requirements.


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