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Dear Friend of Flow:                                       

I am pleased to let you know that our new market study on magnetic flowmeters is ready to ship.  This study, The Global Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 3rd Edition, is the most comprehensive look we have ever taken of this market.  While this study builds on the results of two earlier studies, published in 2001 and 2003, it also introduces new segmentation not used in previous studies.  And we have identified a number of additional suppliers to the market that are profiled in this edition.

One headline to come out of the study is that the magnetic flowmeter market outpaced growth expectations for the past two years.  And 2004 was an excellent year for many suppliers.  The study quantifies this change, and also explains the underlying reasons for it.

This study blazes new trails in terms of segmentation.  For the first time, we included the following segments in the study:



        Line size

        Liner type

        High strength vs. standard DC power

This new segmentation adds value to the study, and perhaps makes this the most complete study ever published on magnetic flowmeters.  This new segmentation rests on the foundation of all the segmentation that was included in earlier studies, which is repeated here.

Highlights of the study include:

  • A product and technology analysis of the magnetic flowmeters offered by many suppliers

  • Market size and growth forecasts to 2009 by geographic region

  • Market shares by geographic region

  • Shipments by variable type (multivariable, single variable)

  • Shipments of smart vs. conventional magmeters

  • Shipments by mounting type (wafer, flanged, insertion)

  • Shipments by coil power type (AC, high-strength DC, standard DC)

  • Shipments by configuration (compact, remote)

  • Shipments by wiring type (2-wire, 4-wire)

  • Shipments by accuracy levels

  • Shipments by communication protocol (HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus DP, Profibus PA, Modbus, Serial, Other)

  • Shipments by liner type

  • Shipments by line size

  • Shipments by industry

  • Shipments by distribution channel

  • Shipments by customer type

  • Shipments by application

  • Strategies for success

  • Profiles of 51 suppliers

As a supplier of magnetic flowmeters, this study will benefit you in many ways.  First, it tells you in what industries and applications magnetic flowmeters are being used.  The study identifies growth areas within the market, so that you can better target your R&D and production efforts.  It provides a competitive analysis of suppliers, and an analysis of other products available on the market.  The companion user survey tells you what end-users, OEMs, and engineering contractors are looking for in magnetic flowmeter products.  This study is an indispensable guide for any company that is involved in the magnetic flowmeter business, or that manufactures competing products.

If you are in the flowmeter business, you donít want to miss this study.  Flow Research studies are the most comprehensive available anywhere.  Hereís why:

  • We profile all significant suppliers, not just the leading suppliers.  The magnetic flow study has 51 company profiles.
  • We talk to companies all over the world, in places like Japan, Singapore, Germany, Italy, France, China, Russia, the Czech Republic, and many others.  We provide a worldwide perspective.
  • Instead of just talking to suppliers, we also interview end-users.  The companion volume, Magnetic Flowmeter User Survey, reveals what users of magnetic and other types of flowmeters are looking for, and lets you know their purchasing plans.  Over 500 flowmeter users participated in the portion of the survey that includes all types of flowmeters.
  • The study includes a product analysis for many suppliers, containing a summary of their products.  One chapter gives you an overview of most magnetic flowmeter products offered worldwide by the many suppliers of magnetic flowmeters.

This study is simply the best research available today on the worldwide magnetic flowmeter market.  Donít miss your chance to benefit from our years of experience, and the thousands of hours we have put into researching the flowmeter market.   Call or write us today for further information!

Best regards,

Jesse Yoder


P.S. See our E-Z Order Form for a special combination offer when you order the magnetic flowmeter study together with the magnetic flowmeter user survey.  And visit our website for details on other new studies, including vortex flowmeters and DP flow! 


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